Up and Adam Designs

I've been hard at work designing and assembling my interpretation of a Word Clock using Fusion 360. Inspiration came from a colleague who designed a larger 600mmx600mm clock however I have limited space at home so I designed myself a smaller 320mmx320mm clock.

At my job I'm very lucky to have access to a laser cutter and more recently a hydraulic brake press which I was allowed to use to produce a frame that has a bevelled face instead of a standard prism shape.

I combined this with 3D printing and a PCB that was fabricated and loaded with 256 front and 56 rear WS2812B leds by JLCPCB. The PCBs worked perfectly first go and from there I added some white led diffuser film in-between a 3D printed grid and the frame to produce a very clean and high quality product in the end.

And luckily the code for this can be slightly modified to work with the Word Clock Watch I'm also designing.